Engineering at Liftoff

We are a small team of engineers changing how people connect with the mobile apps they’ll love to use. We work at the intersection of machine learning, high-performance distributed systems, and programmatic web UX, which demands creativity and constant learning in addition to raw smarts.

Our Engineering Philosophy


Use the best tool for the job

Whether it’s robust open source data stores, high-leverage languages (e.g., Clojure and Go), or building our own CLI tools, we use the technology that will result in the best long-term product.


Tighten feedback loops

We leverage fast integration tests, one-command deploys, and prod AB tests that reach significance in minutes so that we can learn and improve our systems faster.


End-to-end ownership

Engineers own projects from design to rollout, which decreases overhead, miscommunication, and the risk of building the wrong solution–and it’s just more satisfying.


Invest in tooling

We spend about 20% of our time building advanced tooling and dashboards that add a multiplier to our future effectiveness.


Constant learning

We choose projects that maximize learning, not just business impact.


Automate everything

QA is replaced with high-test coverage, sysadmin with automated deploys, operations with high-signal alerting, etc.

What We Work On

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