Mobile Campaign Analytics

Gain insights into your mobile app marketing performance with the Liftoff analytics dashboard.
Track ad spend, impressions, click-through rate, installs, post-install conversions and more.

Access all your campaign data

In real-time with a dashboard
customized for your marketing needs.

Track where your ad spend is going

And which ad inventory and user segments
work best to deliver on your goals.

Track post-install conversions

And focus on what matters the most:
engagement and revenue.

Run Campaigns with Confidence

Access all your campaign data in real time with your customized dashboard.

  • View a snapshot of your campaign from ad spend through the entire funnel
  • Analyze campaign spend, CPI, CPA and conversion rates over time
  • Easily export the raw data to a CSV file, or use our Reporting API, for further analysis

Dashboard Metrics

Dashboard Charts

Measure Impact with Advanced Analytics

Go beyond impressions and clicks. Break down your campaign performance by app category, ad format, device information and demographic data.

  • View campaign stats including Installs, CPI and CPA across different app categories
  • Understand which ad formats convert best for your specified post-install event
  • Compare acquisition costs and conversions by gender

Dashboard Demographics