How Liftoff Builds Your Ad Creatives

Ever wonder how we went from this to that?
This is how Liftoff builds your ad creatives.
First we take your brand approved assets,
then we research your app and its core value propositions,
next we test to see which one sticks with the users.
Finally we test different designs to drive incremental value.
When it comes to measuring success, we look at impression-to-install for UA campaigns
and impression-to-action for re-engagement campaigns.
All of our ads are responsive, which means they’re automatically configured to match the user’s device and screen size, creating a seamless user experience.
At Liftoff we’re always thinking of ways to make your ads more engaging.
In fact we’ve run over 50,000 A/B tests
with an average 12% lift per test.
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Liftoff is everything you need for app growth.