Accelerate your growth with programmatic advertising

Attract quality users at scale with ad campaigns optimized to drive post-install conversions, so you get the best return on your ad spend.

  • Boost conversions with high-impact ad creatives
  • Drive performance that scales with ML technology trained on unbiased data
  • Spend efficiently with real-time bidding across the major RTB exchanges

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Liftoff Programmatic

Expand your reach on the Vungle Ad Network

Grow your mobile app through Vungle’s extensive ad network to reach, acquire and retain engaged users worldwide.

  • Extend your reach on our network of 100K+ global publishing partners that serves over 5B ads every month
  • Optimize spend with tracking features that ensure you are connecting with users that matter
  • Achieve better performance with smooth, interactive ads designed to reach the right audience and maintain high in-app engagement

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Vungle Ad Network

Unlock Gen Z with JetFuel Influencer Marketing

Boost your app’s growth by reaching Gen Z the smart way. Acquire users through influencer owned viral content that drives action.

  • Plug into a massive network of influencers that reach over 1.5B Instagram followers and 100M Snapchat views
  • Get custom ads that convert made by influencers who know how to go viral
  • Optimize your spend by only paying for quality installs

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JetFuel Influencer Marketing

Plug in to the Vungle Exchange

Ignite growth with access to high-quality mobile in-app video supply that connects advertisers to a third of all smartphones globally.

  • Deliver engaging ads to audiences that matter with direct access to inventory from the biggest apps and games
  • Ensure a brand safe environment with granular controls for category and content
  • Deliver inspirational ads in all major formats with an experience that users expect
  • Exclusively for demand side platforms

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